Mind games

Seems to me quite a striking thunderbolt of enlightenment to have come across a host of various articles on anxiety and depression very recently. To be precise, I wasn’t even aware earlier that ‘depression’ is not just a state of mind, but a genuine psychological disorder. Wonder how many people unknowingly carry an intangible burden of emotional battles within themselves?

It is amazing how we all easily dismiss psychological problems with the preconceived notion that only mentally-challenged people possess them. But do we ever think of how complex it must be for an individual who goes through all the trauma? Does this association of psychology with insanity help? Obviously, it doesn’t.

For that matter, we could even get to the root of the problem through economics, which says, ‘Human wants are never satisfied.’ True. To decipher the meaning of hedonism would be a cakewalk, because it is just as simple as it could get – that only happiness or pleasure is the ultimate goal in life. But where do we derive this happiness from? We may say it should emerge internally, but isn’t it what happens externally that impacts our internal emotions? We can find ways to momentarily suppress our despondency, but there is certainly no escaping it. Life is so grossly unpredictable, we never know when to hope or when to accept despair.

We set a goal, and are all eyes and ears only for that one goal, until we accomplish it. That is the only thing we wish for till the moment of achievement occurs. Later on, our mind inadvertently diverts its attention to the other things that are lacking. Though unessential their existence in our lives, we embark on a baseless journey to conquer them, only to be ultimately hit by utter disappointment.

Imagine how a world full of stoical people would be. Boring, of course, but peaceful, yes. How would depression finds its way into you, if you haven’t really felt euphoric extremity in your nerves ever, to know the difference that lies between sadness and joy?

If one would know the answers to my interrogative blog, that would literally be the end of everything. Because how much ever we find it tough to digest, it isn’t always the bee that takes the first step and sucks the nectar from a flower. The flower can also invitingly call out to the bee to prompt its actions. No big deal if you can’t comprehend what I just said, since even I don’t (I am sniggering now). Well whatever it is, we have to learn to deal with all sorts of roadblocks in life, because without some valid reason our hearts would not continue to beat.

Just my thoughts,
Aishwarya Bhagat.